is the only real source for armenian food. Most of the items in our Armenian food online store are imported from Armenia. Order Armenian food online here.

  Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world. Thousands of years ago there was a country called "Urartu" on Armenian Plateau. During the excavation of Arinberd hill, the archeologists found a written stone, which said that Argishti, King of Urartu, set up a citadel and named it Erebuni in 783 BC.. Through the following centuries the name was changed to Erevan (Yerevan), which is the state capitol of the Republic of Armenia.

   During their history, Armenians have been ruled by as well as ruled over such cultures as the Arabs, Turks, Greeks, Mongols, Persians and Russians. These events have all had their influence on the way Armenian food developed. Because of these circumstances Armenian food is considered one of the wealthiest, most elaborate cuisines in the world.

   Traditional Armenian recipes have been created also in accordance to it's geographical location, with the food being made so as to be preserved in the cold dry winters of the region. The food's we offer on this site are mainly such items that preserve well and keep fresh. Of course, these items will be shipped fresh from our company, but we can't guarantee their freshness for any length of time after arrival.

   Many food items that we don't have on the site can be individually special ordered. Simply e-mail us with your request and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.


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